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Our Process

Meet with you
The first step in MCA’s process is to meet with our client in order to understand their current position, desires and holding strategy. As this information is received, our discussions will be narrowed to either include or rule-out particular loan products and lender groups. Our ultimate goal, before moving forward, is to ensure that MCA can bring value to our clients.
Generate a plan
MCA will typically pre-underwrite to better understand the risk profile of the property. Only then can MCA properly match the collateral's risk to that of the targeted lenders. The scope of the assignment will be finalized based on the available timeline. An all-inclusive market search can be executed within a 3-6 month timeline, typically associated with a refinance. A more targeted marketing effort can occur within a shorter 1-3 month timeline, often associated with an acquisition.
Hire MCA/Create OM
Once MCA is hired as your exclusive representative, we begin the hard work! The next step is for MCA to receive all the relevant information on the property from the client. Having closed over 200 transactions, MCA’s goal is to create an OM (Offering Memorandum) that provides all the answers to the questions that a lender will ask, making it as efficient as possible to issue Loan Applications and Loan Commitments.
Market to Lenders
After the OM is created, MCA calls a specific loan officer for each targeted lender to screen the loan proposal and all relevant underwriting issues. This 10-15 minute phone conversation can quickly determine the lenders’ interest level and competitive position, and help reduce the targeted lenders to a manageable few. The OM’s will be sent to the remaining lenders. During this process, MCA creates a Lender Matrix Report, sent weekly, to keep our clients updated on the status and progress of the lender search.
MCA whittles down the list of interested lenders to the most competitive and most accommodating few. MCA looks for the most innovative and aggressive proposals within the competitive offerings. We recommend that our clients interview the final three lenders before a lender is chosen. This final discussion provides the most negotiating leverage for our clients.
We expedite all information received from our clients to our lenders. We continue to utilize our position to identify sensitive issues. We continue to utilize our “middle-man” position, identify sensitive issues and effectuate better solutions toward our continuous objective…to always keep the clients’ interest first.


Loan Structures


MCA has experience in all of the following loan structures:

  • Forward Commitment/Early Rate Lock
  • Credit Tenant Lease (CTL)
  • Taxable & Tax Exempt Bond Financings
  • Mezzanine
  • Multi-tenant and Single Tenant/Owner Occupied
  • Fixed & Adjustable Rate
  • Construction
  • Non-Recourse, Partial Recourse
  • Construction/Permanent
  • Mini-Permanent
  • Permanent
  • Bridge/Interim Financing

Property Types

MCA has experience in all of the following property types:

  • Multi-Family
  • Retail
  • Warehouse/Industrial
  • Senior Housing
  • Office
  • Hotels
  • Medical Office Buildings
  • Self Storage
  • Mixed-Use
  • Credit Tenant Lease
  • Conventional Owner Occupied
  • Marinas and Amusement Parks

MCA has expertise in grocery anchored shopping centers

While MCA has a broad exposure to virtually all income producing properties including multiple transactions with apartments, hotels, self-storage and mixed-use properties, the principals have exhibited a particular specialization within the office, industrial and retail property sectors...particularly grocery anchored centers throughout the southeast states.